Winnipeg Newborn Photographer

Well here we go guys! The re-launch of Songbird Photography! With my baby's one year birthday coming up, moving into the new studio space (and out of my home!), and devoting more time to the business I am so excited for all the things in 2017! A commitment I made to myself, and to my clients, was the blog more this year. So, with the new website up and running there will be a blog attached to the site itself now instead of a separate page. Super exciting for me! I have had so many maternity and newborn sessions the last month and I am LOVING it! What a beautiful way to kick off the new year.

First up on my new blog is the first baby of the year, Baby Cedar (ps - how cute is that name!?). I have had the great pleasure of photographing Melanie and her family quite a few times, and I am always in awe of how gorgeous her sessions turn out to be! It is such a blessing to watch this family grow.